Day Nine

I found breakfast at a BBQ joint in the Charlotte airport, they had no meatless options. I ordered eggs, home fries and biscuit, hold the meat. The server said something to the cashier in a North Carolina accent that I couldn’t understand. When I was checking out the cashier asked what I had ordered and I answered the $12.95 combo and I donated my meat. This got a laugh out of her.

My luck ran out waiting for the next flight. A guy sat down across from me and started on some right wing rants. When Maureen called I used it as an excuse to take a walk. When I returned to the gate the only place sit was right back where I was and he started talking again. Turns out he is 82nd airborne. He couldn’t stop talking but I don’t think he could help it. So I just sat a listened, I said a few things but he couldn’t listen.

Another uneventful flight, the women next to me slept the whole way. She woke up when we landed. We talked about dogs and I told her mine would be waiting for me in the terminal. I was pretty much the last one off the plane again. Sure enough Maureen and Bella were waiting for me at carousel 8. I received one human and one dog greeting.

Phoenix, AZ to Hartford, CT
2419 Miles